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Smart Integrated Internet System


MODULED has developed a world trending wireless remote operation system,also called smart control system, customers can operate its solar street lights freely by MODULED owned operation system, all lights will be connected with individual RTU and one DTU (ONE DTU can control 200 units as group or less). For low monthly free which includes a GPRS cellular network connections, nomo smart control system is to offer the users historical and real time performance monitoring as well as the flexibility to change the lighting operating



 Intelligent control without regular on site   monitoring

 Real time monitoring capturing all areas installed

 Email, SMS message, intelligent alarm notification Advance-warning

Locate faulty light accurately


 Easy installation and maintenance 


 Intellectualized operation


 Electronic map location tracing


 Adjusting light working hours through our system



Moduled Electronic has found in 2007, offering a Renewable energy with a well qualified team based on excellent service with fast act. Our team is well trained and professional on its sector, Moduled is a modern and dynamic company.