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What is LED lighting?

What is LED?

Used as an abbreviation of the words “Light Emitting Diode”, LED is a semiconductor, diode-based, light-emitting electronic circuit element. It was invented in Russia in the 1920s.
It often comes across with the name of LED lighting. A radio technician named Oleg Vladimirovich Losev noticed that the diodes used in radio receivers were emitting light and in 1927 he published his discoveries about LED in a Russian
newspaper. Based on this development, LED was turned into an electronic component in America in 1962. It has different advantages such as minimum energy production and long life. Led lighting is used in different numbers and models in living spaces.

LED Features

LEDs are semiconductor. Led lighting materials are silicone. When the current passes, they give off light with the release of the photon. Led lighting products are produced to give light at different angles. The voltage-current graphics of the LEDs are exponential. A series current limiting resistor is connected to the LEDs to prevent distortion due to high current. This prevents deterioration of the non-sensitive LED voltage range. The LEDs drop a constant voltage on it, just like a Zener diode. Red LED works with 2.20 Volts, Green LED 3.30 Volts, Blue and White LEDs with 3.40 Volts.

Led Types

Single LED: It is the first generation LED system. Electronic circuit is drawn on the printed circuit board and LEDs are arranged according to the circuit shape. It is one of the preferred
models in homes in LED lighting systems.

DC LED: There is a driver that fixes the current that the LED will work on. It can be said that they are systems working with direct current.

AC LEDs: LED systems that work by connecting to the electricity grid through the driver.

RGB LEDs: They are color changeable leds. 16.7 million different LED lighting colors can be obtained.

COB LED: They are module LEDs that are easier to assemble and replace. It is based on the system of the LEDs collected at the central point to work together.

Linear LED: It is created by arranging individual LEDs on a printed circuit board. It is the derivative of singe led.


Where Is Led Lighting Used?

With the use of blue light in LEDs in recent years, RGB (Red Green Blue-Red Green Blue) lighting feature has become possible, and the areas of use of LEDs have expanded. The most
important LED lighting areas of use are: Offices, Streets and squares, Building facades, Factory, production facility and workplaces, In park gardens, Highway and roads, Advertising signs, Historical buildings, bridges and monuments, Site lighting in collective housing, Traffic signals, Television and telephone lightings, Interior and exterior lighting in the automotive industry, Shipping, boat, aircraft industry, Carpet pitches, Petrol stations, They are tennis courts.


What Are The Advantages Of Led Lighting?

Led lighting has many advantages compared to other lighting elements. First of all, long-lasting LEDs attract attention with their high durability and low energy consumption. They provide
diversity in usage areas with different color production options. Other led lighting disadvantages are as follows: First of all, they create natural light. It is more durable and long-lasting than traditional light sources. It has a lifetime of 000 hours. Led lighting systems have the ability to work instantly. It has low power consumption and heat dissipation feature. It has the ability to dim (turn the light on and off). It saves energy and does not need maintenance. Led lighting systems are shock resistant. Led lighting systems do not contain mercury and are environmentally friendly. It has wide design possibilities. It has very low temperature and light pollution values. Led lighting systems are water resistant both indoors and outdoors. It gives high intensity, contrast and brightness. It is eye-catching, attracts attention with its design. They are safe because they do not contain harmful gas. It is not forbidden to touch, as there is no danger of burning or striking.


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