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Solar Energy Systems Equipment and Working Principle

How Does Our Solar Powered Lighting Work?

The general principle of the Solar Energy Lighting system is that the 12/24 VDC energy obtained from solar panels during the day is stored in batteries and the stored energy is consumed on the lighting fixtures at night.

Application areas of solar energy lighting systems:

Park and garden lighting fixtures Street and street lighting

• Factory, office, shopping center, university garden and car parks Traffic Signaling, security systems

• Totem, billboard, bus stop lightings Gas stations

• Emergency lighting Decorative lighting in the city

It can be used in many areas such as.

Solar Energy Systems Equipment and Working Principle

In order to understand the solar energy system in general; We can think of the solar panel as a water source that fills the tank with water, the battery as a tank (pool) and the lighting fixture as a valve that drains this tank. The charge regulator is in this case a full and empty float.

• Fixture: Especially high efficiency light sources should be used. In this way, the amount of energy consumed by the lamp should be reduced. In other words, according to the principle we used above, it is the unit that consumes water from the pool.

• Solar Panel: The solar panel should be correctly designed as the generator of the system is in its position. Panel calculation should be calculated according to the area used and the way of use. For a panel that has to work in the winter months in the Trabzon region, sunbathing rates for winter conditions should be taken as a basis.

• Battery: The battery is the tank for these systems. The bigger the tank, the longer the burning time without sun. We call the burning time of the lamp over the battery without the sun autonomy. In a system account, we encounter a lot of requests from customers, whether the battery is large. However, according to them, a large battery is perceived as a device or lighting power to be used a lot. However, this is not the case. That is to say, we have a 100 lt pool, that is, we have a 100Ah Battery. One panel with 100 W power. Our 100 W panel adds an average of 20 liters of water per day to the pool with 4 hours of sunbathing. (If there is a place in the pool) The battery in the system, ie the pool, can not explain the following situation. Let 20 liters of water enter a pool full of 100 liters per day and 30 liters come out Is it possible? of course no. We write this article in this language that you will understand so that you do the system analysis correctly.

• Charge Regulator: Charge regulator is an electronic device that controls the current coming from the panel to the battery. It prevents overcharging and discharging of the battery. In addition, it detects the panel surface as a sensor and ensures that the lighting turns on automatically when it gets dark, and turns off automatically when it is illuminated. Since our company manufactures charge regulators, we ensure that the lamps in the regulators we manufacture are dimmed at the specified hours through charge regulators.

Advantages of solar powered lighting systems:

• There is only an initial investment cost

• Operation cost is almost not zero, it is necessary to change the battery every 5 years.

• Electrical losses are low, if the correct system is installed Easy to assemble

• No foreign dependency

• Ability to produce AC / DC electricity according to need.

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