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M Series Solar Energy Lighting Fixtures

M Series Solar Energy Lighting Fixure;


Our products manufactured using high efficiency LED technology work with 130 LM/W efficiency. Long-lasting deep cycle gel batteries are used.  With advanced technologies, the sun’s rays are transformed into the most efficient light at night. Luminaire angle adjustment can provide the most efficient lighting. Can be produced in 40 to 100 W power ranges.






General Features;

With a high efficiency panel, the 360-degree rotatable panel structure is designed for more efficient operation.

Produced with completely special glass and silicone-shaped cells.

The horizontal angle is calculated by computer simulations according to the region. Generated by the calculated value

Replaceable Battery Block

Deep cycle gel structure battery block is capable of charging up to 300 counts.

Thanks to electronic control units, it provides autonomous for up to 3 days.

Optic Options

The high transmittance optical lens is designed for the most efficient use. Does not make yellowing.

Accessories ; 


The MPPT charger allows you to charge 35% more efficiently. Improves system efficiency. Compatible with all our products.



Used with MPPT. Enables remote programming and is used to read battery data. It offers dim features and motion sensor option for the lamp.



BT module provides the opportunity to track system data with mobile application.






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