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What İs Battery?

What is Battery?

Generally, a battery is an electro-chemical device that stores electrical energy (by charging = filling) and releases this energy (through discharge = discharge) when necessary. We can classify batteries according to charge-discharge type. For example; – Batteries discharged by drawing constant current for a long time (fixed facility = stationary) Batteries discharged by drawing high current for a short time (starter battery = starter) – Batteries that drive moving devices (traction = traction batteries) Continuous charge-discharge batteries (deep cycle) Apart from these, classification can also be made by going into more detail. For example, batteries used for dual purposes (both for starting and stationary purposes), batteries that allow the passage when power is cut, etc. What happens if the battery waits for a long time in a discharged state? Sulfation occurs in the plates, known as “hardening”. Sulfated plaques lose their ability to hold charge. As a result, the battery becomes inoperable. If the battery is to be kept unused for a long time while it is charged, it should be charged every 2-3 months. My Battery Is Swelling, What Is The Reason? When the batteries are overcharged or operating in a very hot environment (above 25 0C), excessive reaction occurs in the battery. This increases the internal pressure excessively and eventually deformation (swelling of the can and lid part) occurs.


What is Deep Cycle Battery, What Is The Difference From Other Batteries?

Deep Cycle Battery is roughly the battery that can continuously charge-discharge. Since it is suitable for this type of use due to its structure, they work under charge and discharge every day. Some important features that should be present in these batteries; The grids of the plates should be thicker and stronger, the grid figures should be homogeneous, the connecting bridges should be of a thickness suitable for the continuous flow of current, the physical and chemical structure of the plates should be resistant to shedding. Separators should also be physically strong and have high porosity capability. In aqueous deep cycle batteries, the spine widths should be of sufficient depth against plate swelling. Otherwise, electrolyte circulation cannot be formed in a healthy way. Technology Differences in Deep Cycle Batteries (AGM-JEL-SULU)? There is a wrong assumption today, which is; It is the thought that “Only Gel Batteries can be Deep Cycle”. This is not an accurate information. Wet and AGM batteries can be deep-cycle as well as not all Gel batteries are deep-cycle. The point we should especially emphasize here; is that true deep cycle AGM batteries can deliver the same performance as deep cycle GEL batteries. However, not every AGM battery is deep cycle. At this point, the technology used by the manufacturer and its reliability are very important. There are manufacturers that achieve very high cycle counts in aqueous batteries. American Trojan is one of them. In some respects, wet deep cycle batteries are more durable than neglected batteries. For example, it has higher resistance to overcharging.


How To Use And Charge Gel Batteries?

Especially in Deep Cycle uses (Cleaning machines, Golf cars, Disabled vehicles, Air platforms, etc.) batteries must be fully charged each time. It should never be used without a full charge. Please review your battery’s instructions for charging (Charging voltage, charging current, ambient temperature, etc.)


What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Dry Type Batteries?

* The surface of the battery should always be clean and dry.

* The battery should be charged in accordance with the user manual.

* The battery must be fully charged without delay each time after discharge. It should never be used before being fully charged. This situation causes sulfation and capacity loss in the battery.

* Ideal ambient temperature is 250C. Each +10 0C increase reduces the life of the battery by 50%.

* Use a quality magazine.


How Should Battery Capacity Selection Be Made in Solar Applications?

Experiments and researches have shown that; The discharge level that the batteries give optimum performance (life and total energy) is 50% (50% DOD). Accordingly, the battery capacity should be selected as twice whatever the total consumption is. For example, if the daily consumption of an illumination lamp is 50 Ah, the battery to be selected should be 100 Ah so that the battery provides maximum efficiency in terms of both life and energy performance.


What is Sulfation? What are the Ways to Prevent Sulfation?

Sulfation, in short, is the corrosion that occurs in the battery plates and prevents the plates from storing energy. As a natural consequence of the discharge process, sulphate crystals separate from the electrolyte and attach to the plaque surface. This attachment ends with the charging of the battery and the same crystals separate from the plaques and mix with the electrolyte again. This bi-directional movement is repeated as long as the battery is charging and discharging. Sulphate crystals are also the source of sulfation failure. If the crystals remain on the plate surface for a long time, it hardens and boils more to the plates. In this situation, the plates cannot fulfill their functions (energy storage) and as a result, the battery loses capacity and does not work. Continuous deep discharge of batteries and high operating temperature are also factors that accelerate sulfation. The most important thing that prevents sulfation is that the battery is not kept in a discharged state and is charged as soon as possible (immediately). Lead-acid batteries do not have a memory effect. For this reason, the battery should not be expected to be completely discharged for charging. In addition, suitable ambient temperature and avoiding deep discharge will help prevent sulfation.


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